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Beyond Beautiful

The most beautiful woman in the world. Inventor of the basis for the technological revolution. Wife of an abusive Nazi arms dealer. Hollywood’s original bombshell. Hedy Kiesler was so much more than the image of “Hedy Lamarr” the world thrust onto her. Beyond Beautiful is an original musical which explores the woman behind the beautiful face and how her brilliant mind helped change the modern world.

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The Store Under the Portico

Inspired by a real-life story, The Store Under the Portico is an original musical set in Mantova, Italy during the German occupation of Northern Italy in WWII.  Renata Baraldi, affectionately called "Tata" (a Mantovano term for "nanny"), takes over a fabric store for a Jewish family in hiding at the height of fascism (where women were deemed nothing more than child bearers). In a country literally torn in two, where Nazis shot Italians at random while the allies bombed them, things in Italy were not as simple as they seemed. The Store Under the Portico tells the untold story of the enemy/ally of World War II, but at its heart, focuses on the everyday lives of the people of Mantova and what they are willing to do for love.

On the Air


On the Air is an original musical based on the lives of Jack and Loretta Clemens, a real-life brother and sister duo that started in Vaudeville and went on to star in Radio and Television. When Loretta's career surpasses that of Jack's, she must come to terms with what she truly wants. It's a story that deals with major changes in society and entertainment throughout the early half of the 20th century, but at its core, the story focuses on the siblings' relationship and one woman's determination to find her own voice. 


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Family Album


“Family Album” is a brother’s and sister’s humorous and musical tale of growing up and working in show business starring Robert and Cristina Farruggia.  As the son and daughter of two professional opera singers (their father was Pavarotti’s understudy at the Met) they were practically raised on stage. Equally at home in contemporary and classical genres, this sibling duo’s fast paced, yet intimate act, appeals to a wide range of audiences by using humor, original songs and beautiful singing.  Robert and Cristina weave together personal, unique stories of their lives in the theatre with music spanning from classic/contemporary Broadway to pop to even original songs. 


Family Album is easily adaptable to many events, venues, and audiences, offering a unique and fun twist to the normal slice-of-life cabaret acts. Although the full act is 75 minutes, it can also be easily adjusted to a 30-minute, 20-minute, or even 15-minute act if it needed to serve as an opening act for a larger event.

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